Vinhomes Metropolis is the newest luxury apartment project of Vinhomes at 29 Lieu Giai. Since its inception, the “hot” heat of the project is constantly “boiling”, which has attracted a huge number of domestic and foreign customers to learn.

In addition to the customers who want to choose this place to enjoy their home, a large number of customers choose Vinhomes Metropolis for long-term investment or rental investment. What makes Vinhomes Metropolis so strange and attractive?

Reasons to buy Vinhomes Metropolis

  1. THE BEST LOCATION – THE CENTER OF THE CENTER Possessing one of the most geographic locations in the heart of the capital, Vinhomes Metropolis is considered the “KIM CUONG” remaining in Ba Dinh District – the political center of Vietnam. Located in the middle of the diplomatic corps area, surrounded by a network of major embassies and opposite the Lotte Center building, close to the buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping centers. With a four-sided landscape of four famous park lakes: West Lake – Thu Le Lake – Ngoc Khanh Lake – Giang Vo Lake, promises to bring residents open living space and the most beautiful views of Hanoi when living here.
  2. INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT BY VINGROUP GROUP Vinhomes – a member of Vingroup is the leading prestigious real estate brand in Vietnam. The advantage of Vinhomes-branded Real Estate products is that it always guarantees the exact commitment to progress, construction quality, synchronous infrastructure, facilities, and outstanding service quality. In particular, Vinhomes’ products are always at the forefront in establishing a strict security system, a modern fire protection system, ensuring a safe living environment for customers.
  3. VINSCHOOL JOINT SCHOOL Vinschool school in Hanoi is gradually contributing to building a bright future generation, educational goals here are always aimed at helping students develop qualities, skills, and knowledge to actively adapt. and most successful in a volatile global environment. This is the place where “Nurturing the quintessence” of excellent seeds to contribute to the building of the country. Vinschool Inter-level School gradually becomes the second intimate home for students. Living in Vinhomes Metropolis, parents are not concerned much when the Vinschool inter-school school is built right on the project’s campus.
  4. LUXURY DESIGN. MODERN. Artistic Design High-end technology; Modern two-way central air-conditioning system with no heater; The most modern sanitary ware of two leading brands Duravit and Hansgrohe; The building’s glass is covered with Low – E glass system, a special type of glass, which helps the apartment space have a stable temperature, isolating outside noise, and unlimited visibility.
  5. 5 STAR UTILITIES At Vinhomes Metropolis, you and your family will experience 5 * classy facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, relaxation pool, floating garden, tropical flower garden, walking path, water walk, Vincom shopping center, Vinmart supermarket, Vinpro electronics center, cinema, multi-purpose lawn, library and community room, office service room …
  1. GARDEN LOVING HIGH CREATIVITY In addition to the underground natural greenery and lawn system, Vinhomes Metropolis has designed a special creative floating garden space on the 4th floor, connecting three towers M1, M2, M3. With a system of miniatures, gardens, aquatic flower gardens, walking paths, water walks, connected to the floating relaxation area, this will be a place to help you enjoy a fresh life, harmony with nature in the middle heart of the capital.
    The floating garden is the most prominent feature of the Vinhomes Metropolis Lieu Giai project, the greenery system creates an ideal living space for the community living here. These green spaces are very rare and necessary. with every housing complex in the city.
  2. VALUE ADDITIONAL POTENTIAL, HIGH DEMAND FOR RENTAL The new Law on Housing and Real Estate Business, effective from July 1, 2015, has created conditions for foreigners, overseas Vietnamese to own villas and houses in Vietnam, leading to an increase in real estate value and an early trend. Real estate investment & leasing also saw strong growth. With a super-prime location, perfect infrastructure and facilities, exquisite landscape design, especially the project is developed and managed by the prestigious investor Vinhomes – Vingroup. Vinhomes Metropolis project, whether domestic investor or foreigner, owning a luxury apartment here will receive the quality value of enjoying life as well as the profitability of the apartment value. Gradually over time. Vinhomes Metropolis deserves the name of the project “Golden Chicken” when it has a prime location and a special preferential price.
  3. CULTURE AND LEVEL COMMUNITY With a tiny number of apartments, Vinhomes Metropolis is a place that attracts enthusiastic elite residents with the highest level. Residents here can connect the high-class community through sports activities, culture, festivals, and cultural competitions held periodically. In addition, the area surrounding the project is a highly educated area with good vitality, contributing to a perfect residential experience.
  4. LOW CONSTRUCTION DENSITY At Vinhomes Metropolis there are only 13 apartments on each floor, while there are 8 lifts for residents to use. It can be said that this is a relatively low construction density compared to other high-end apartment projects in Hanoi, and the number of lifts per apartment is relatively high. That will ensure maximum convenience for residents to move, so they can enjoy maximum 5-star facilities while living here.
  5. EXCELLENT SALES POLICY In order to create the most profitable conditions for customers to optimize their financial problems, Vingroup has launched an outstanding sales policy. In addition to the amount of money support, large home loan interest, long grace period, long-distance payment progress, if customers pay for the house on schedule or before maturity, they also enjoy a great discount from the investor.

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