4 types of real estate for rent to stay popular in Hanoi today

The real estate market for rent in the world in general and Vietnam, in particular, has been developing very strongly with a variety of types such as Apartments for rent, condotels for rent, rooms for rent, whole houses and even is a villa for rent … to meet the increasing needs of customers. But how to recognize the differences between these types? Which property is within the permitted budget? All will be answered by us in this article.

  1. Apartment for rent in Hanoi

The Hanoi apartment has the same living space as a small house in a residential building. It may have one or more rooms, ideal for an individual or a family. Each apartment is self-contained and can be owned or leased. Inside the apartments, there are dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and some apartments also support many other useful services and features. fully or without furniture, and homeowners can choose to decorate their homes in accordance with the ideas of family members.

Some types of apartments for rent in Hanoi: a studio apartment, ideal for one person because it has only one room with dining, living and bedroom functions with a small bathroom and kitchen. Garden apartments are often surrounded by landscape areas similar to townhouses. Hiyori Garden apartments in Da Nang, Royal City apartments in Hanoi, Galaxy 9 apartments in Ho Chi Minh City … are one of the apartments with apartments that are invested in design and high-class interior.

2. Condotel for rent

About form, it is a condominium but works like a hotel. Condotels are often built-in big cities and large resort areas.

  • Condotel has the function of a hotel because Condotel has a reservation system and other hotel services such as a swimming pool, health club, nightclub, restaurant, shop, mail service and service. room 24/24. The difference between Condotel and the hotel is that Condotel allows guests to fully buy the ownership of the apartment to relax and rent.
  • Condotel has the function of an apartment because The apartment hotel is designed with full kitchen facilities, living room, bedroom, … with full cooking utensils and for visitors to go to the market and spread out the Lifestyle concept as your own home. However, Condotel differs from regular apartments in that it needs to have a unit to manage and operate the re-leasing and daily operations of the hotel.
  • Condotel is a type of hotel built according to the structure of an apartment so that visitors can use the same facilities of an apartment and serve the tourism business.

Condotel owners are usually two main groups:

  • Investor: This is a group of customers who need to buy a hotel apartment for investment purposes to increase profits. For them, the attractive point of the condotel is the ability to quickly recover capital. Selling Condotel products is like selling an apartment immediately
  • Tourists, successful businessmen and middle-income people: This is a group of customers who buy or rent Condotel to enjoy life, want to enjoy a long vacation and want to show the upper class in a fully furnished house with moderate cost.

With so many facilities, condotel has been and is one of the hottest rental real estates currently, especially attracting objects such as foreigners working in Vietnam, tourists, resorts. Some condotels are thriving like Vinpearl beachfront condotel Tran Phu in Da Nang, Five Seasons condotel in Hanoi, Vinpearl Condotel in Ho Chi Minh …

3. Room for rent in Hanoi

Room for rent is a smaller type of rental than apartments and houses. Like any residential space, renting a room doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy basic utilities like water, electricity, privacy and parking. But you should also find a room with air conditioning and airy, Internet connection, common area and security.

Renting such a room will probably be suitable for single people because the cost of this type is relatively cheaper than apartments. This is also a perfect option for students or those with financial constraints who wish to share the rental.
These rooms are close to schools and buildings, shopping malls in Hanoi often have relatively high rental rates, this is a small note for you when looking for rooms.

Currently, the demand for renting rooms for millions of students, work-people … is increasing one of the reasons for the birth and development of renting room rental systems such as: Hello rent, Doong, Lumber, …

4. Whole house for rent in Hanoi

Whole houses for rent in Hanoi are often the surplus assets of a certain family, either they go abroad to settle down, or already own a more comfortable house but have no intention of selling the house before. Similar to other real estates, depending on its location, the price is also significantly different, houses in the alley are quite cheaper compared to the street houses.

However, a whole house is often quite expensive because of the large living area, suitable for families with large members or large budgets, want to live comfortably but not enough to buy a house. And more importantly, it is not easy to find a suitable house for rent and the number of houses for rent is relatively small.

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