Experience finding a motel room and a roommate for you

Meta: Are you struggling to find a motel room and roommates when you have to live away from your family? Please learn about the experiences to have the best living environment.

Renting a room and finding a roommate (nam o ghep) is more and more popular among tenants, especially retail students today. Finding a motel room is a problem, but finding a roommate like that is also an issue that deserves attention. Currently, there are a lot of problems happening when renting motel rooms (phong tro) such as theft, high prices, difficult accommodation, low-quality rooms, … The following article will be the experience for you when you face this problem.

       Find a room that can live comfortably and conveniently

Find motel room directly

Finding a “Phong trodirectly helps you to be more active, have a more intuitive view than asking others, or looking indirectly.

The first thing you need to do is to determine the area you want to rent. Then find the inn one by one alley, alley with easy to move vehicles such as bicycle, motorbike or on foot.

Currently, the boarding and renting places are hanging boards in front of the house and in front of the gate. For these cases, you should ask first if the owner is not right before visiting.

The experience of renting a hostel, especially important, is asking the people in the surrounding area if there is a hostel for rent? They will suggest accurate information about finding accommodation, saving you time in your search.

Note when viewing the room, you need to ask for specific information such as room area, room rate, electricity, and water bill? …

Find out about accommodation prices

Price is an important factor affecting your decision to rent a motel – motel room. The market for accommodation prices today is very diverse, depending on the size and space of the accommodation, there are similar prices. The spacious and well-furnished rooms often require a higher price than narrow rooms.

In addition to the price of the rental room (phong tro), you also need to pay attention to the price of electricity, water, parking fees, wifi, cleaning, … Everything needs to be very clear with the owner from the beginning, avoiding disputes over after. There are many cases where landlords quote very cheap rentals, but when they come to live, they have many costs incurred.

           Inquire about prices before renting a room

Determine the rental area

When looking for a boarding room, determine the area you intend to rent. First, prioritize the locations that are most convenient for you to study and work. Accommodation near study and work will save you traveling time as well as gas money. In the long run, it will be more beneficial than renting a cheap house that is too far away.

Also, keep in mind whether moving routes are easy to navigate or are always in traffic jams. Surely you don’t want to have to spend hours inching through traffic every day and inhaling dust and smoke, right?

Next, you should choose a densely populated area, near markets and hospitals, the better. Besides, please also pay attention to find out if this area is often flooded when it rains.

In addition, you should not look for an inn that is too remote and does not have high security.

Solve the problem of finding a male roommate

Finding people to tim phong o ghepis a problem, but finding “ Nam o ghep” will be more problematic. Because there are often many disputes between men. When a conflict occurs, it will cause a fight and even affect your life if you don’t choose the right person. It can be said that this problem will be inevitable, it is important that you and the other party know how to give in to each other so that you can live together for a long time and share difficulties with each other. So before choosing tim nguoi o ghep find out if the two people’s personalities match or not.

When you are together you have to accept a problem that all your actions, actions, or personal problems will be exposed to others. Therefore, to have private space is not easy with sharing accommodation because accepting sharing means you have to accept to share some of your space with others.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you find a room and boarding accommodation that suits your abilities and personality. Above are the important experiences that you should pay attention to when looking for a room. 

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