Why apartments near Metro train lines are always expensive

Why apartments near Metro train lines are always expensive

The metro line (Metro), known as the transportation solution of the future, has been developed in advanced countries around the world. Whether in New York or Washington D.C, tourists want to find apartments near Metro for convenience, although the price is slightly higher than elsewhere.
In Vietnam, the overhead urban railway is expected by experts to be a solution to reduce traffic pressure, optimize time and increase real estate value.

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Adjacent to the Metro line: Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station – Vinhomes Metropolis enjoys great benefits

After the expansion of administrative boundaries in 2008, Hanoi’s population has increased to more than 7.6 million and is expected to reach 9 million by 2030. Population growth in urban areas is expected by experts. Reported to 2020, it is expected that there will be about 25,000-50,000 passengers/hour need to move within the inner city. Therefore, Metro lines in Hanoi are expected to play an important role in meeting the needs of the community.

Accordingly, Hanoi city has planned an urban railway network with 9 lines, a total length of 410.8 km. In particular, apart from the Cat Linh – Ha Dong route, Metro Line 3: Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station is considered a symbol of city traffic with a length of 12.5 km, passing through the districts of North Tu Liem, South Tu Liem. , Cau Giay, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hoan Kiem, are expected to operate the entire route by 2023.

Located on the arterial road of Kim Ma (Ba Dinh), possessing a prime location between the dynamic economic center of Ba Dinh with more than 27,000 small and medium enterprises and nearly 6,000 foreigners residing and adjacent to the Metro line. number 3.

In particular, Vinhomes Metropolis is adjacent to two stops of Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station, residents directly enjoy the outstanding benefits of this type of transport. According to investors, the Metro line with the advantage of separate moving space, not affected by other traffic means and a large volume of transportation will solve the problem of traffic congestion and increase traffic. For residents at the project, every morning, waking up is free of traffic jams, late to work, but also owns a 24-hour time fund with 1 to 2 hours a day from shortening the way home.

In addition to the prime location close to the first metro line of Hanoi, Vinhomes Metropolis also attracts high-end and foreign customers because of its modern, luxurious design, construction quality and construction progress. The project is not inferior to regional markets like Singapore or Bangkok.

Currently, Vinhomes Metropolis has come into operation for renting apartments at 29 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Vinhomes Metropolis apartment with a full range of 1-2-3-4 bedrooms to Penthouse apartments is considered by the market as “super luxury apartments for the elite”.
Along with that, Vinhomes Metropolis not only has a modern technical infrastructure system with international quality standards but also has a perfect system of care facilities, providing residents with the most enjoyable life in Vietnam. . It is a modern gym, equipped with the most classy training equipment and managed by Vingroup located on floors 40-44 of the building to capture the whole landscape of Hanoi city; 4-season swimming pool with 5-star standard on the 3A floor, the Trade – Service area brings together the world’s leading brands …

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

In particular, living in Vinhomes Metropolis, residents can be completely assured that the building manager who has many years of experience in managing the most luxurious buildings and apartments in Vietnam – Vingroup, will bring high-end services are more special than normal standards for residents, assisting residents with fast paperwork and procedures, ensuring maximum security and quality of life for residents.
The current rental price is only 800 $ / month

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